AutoEnginuity®’s Giotto™ Software

OPUS by AutoEnginuity®

A great automotive diagnostic software for your Windows-based computers. This application supports 58 carmakers.

The app allows access to : ABS / Airbag / Enhanced powertrain / Instrument Cluster / Transmission / Other body parts / Chassis controllers

The app Coverage consists of : Bi-directional controls / Adaptive resets and learns / System tests / Trouble code retrieval and clearing

This app has great user-friendly interfaces. And the user-interface was designed around the theory of Power through Simplicity™.

Giotto™ Scan Tool can help you with:

o Automated VIN decoding

o Reading and Clearing Trouble Codes from the entire vehicle in a single step

o Printing live data or DTC / Emissions reports with a single step

o Quick installation with true USB Plug and Play (no device drivers necessary)

After all, by using this app you can focus on what’s more important when servicing your vehicle.

Users can arrange the user-interface to suit you and even suits for your device. So, considering all the facts we talked about we can say the app is more user-friendly and it is more ease of use.

And the best thing is this app is more updatable.

For example, if one of your customers brings you a car with a make that out of the licensed makers of your scan tool, you can easily call AutoEnginuity® sales to add that car maker. If not you have to lose the job.

What AutoEnginuity®’s Giotto™ ScanTool can do :

· Read Stored and Pending P, U, B, C Trouble Codes

· Read and clear Freeze Frame data

· Clear the Check Engine or Service Engine Soon indicator

· View live vehicle sensors in a meter, graph, and grid format

· View generic and manufacturer enhanced data on the same tool

AutoEnginuity®’s Giotto™ supports 1996 and newer passenger vehicles whether it be domestic, Asian, or European.

REQUIREMENTS- Windows 7/8/8.1/10 operating system, 400MB disk space, 100MB of memory, 1 USB port (2.0/3.0)

Undergrad | Developer | Photographer

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Nethsara Liyanage

Nethsara Liyanage

Undergrad | Developer | Photographer

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